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Here we Shelter in Play.

“What Is That?’

It Is an Engagement Method Which Means You Will Experience Much Tongue-in-Cheek Satire, a la ‘British Humor’, or Plain Silliness Modes.

The Method Has Proven an AWESOME Therapy for Much of What Ails Us.

Think of It as ‘Play is Safety for Your Heart’!

Besides, If You’re Not Having Fun, Why Are You Doing ‘It’ Again?


Published Work

He Plays shows a man playing guitar
He Plays

Art  Gallery

Sure, I always wanted to be a comic book artist, but being born and raised in the West Texas Town of Odessa, Texas meant that I was highly discouraged from attempting anything ‘liberal arts’ labeled.  I had even applied to the Joe Kubrik’s College of Art in purple crayon when I was little; they told me to wait ’till I was 18 years old.

My talents had always been everything liberal arts except for dance, so I joined the Marine Corps so I could attend college. After the traumatic events of the Corps, I entered Texas Tech University for more traumatic events in Jan of 1995. I graduated in Aug of 1998. Having had my fill of traumatic events, I moved in with my Dad. Two weeks later, after more traumatic events, I attempted Teacher’s Certification, which I did not want to do.

I could not find work with my Marine skills or my degree, so I became an Over-The-Road truck driver. From there I became a dispatcher and fleet manager for CRST in Iowa, then Stevens Transport in Dallas, TX. From there I moved to the Austin, TX area and lived and worked my butt off, having two sons at St. David’s hospital and getting married. I moved back to Odessa, TX, getting a job with Coastal Chemical Co, LLC, and they transferred me to New Mexico in 2009. I remained there until Dec 2014, when I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area through a transfer to a sister company, Brenntag Pacific. They laid me off on Sept 9th, 2015.

I started dba YobiWorks Studios and tried to figure out my life. In May 2019, I discovered a talent in oil pastels. I incorporated in May 2021. And the rest is on the site.

a sunrise in the desert
Everything Simply Is pt 2

Photo Gallery

I was always a shutterbug. Having stopped the shutterbugging when I went into the Corps, I didn’t really pick it up again in earnest until Fall of 2018. Now I am an Expert photographer for Google Maps, with over 2,110,000 views of my photographs.

Music & Podcast Gallery

I started playing piano around the age of 5. Gave it up at 11. Picked up coronet, then french horn when I started attending public school in 8th grade. Played mellophone, keyboards, guitar, bass, but found out I was a drummer by natural inclination when I was 38 at Burning Man. Started publishing music in 2021.

The podcasting started in the Spring of 2019 with “In the Fighting Hole”, which was the first ever official broadcasting ever done for any of the Marine Corps League Detachments. While doing it, I interviewed the first female Marine in Marine Corps League broadcast history, Unfortunately, the MCL membership is much, much older than most organizations and they didn’t understand that I was doing what they had tasked me to do, nor did they get involved with it, which was necessary for it to become successful. That podcast ended after about 7 episodes. I ran though several others, including The Cave 2.0, The Truth, HowlWulf, and The E.S.C. Hatch. HowlWulf, an everything goes comedy, music, and sketch cast, along with The E.S.C. Hatch, survives to this day. Howlwulf  can be found here while I build this website, and E.S.C. Hatch here


Changing perspective on the source of value, and utilizing existing value structures, shifting perspective on the application of value from debt to banking on human potential.

The E.S.C. Hatch U.

Building Autonomous Collaborative Organizational Networks as we travel the regions, and Shelter in Play!

The Crux

Using “choose-your-own-adventure” N.F.T. storytelling platforms to dive into the story


Adrian P.Y. Blumberg



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Our Crazy Collaboration

Sabrina Siebert

General Consultant and Life-Partner

Who We Are

Well we make up many things but those things started with myself and Sabrina Siebert.

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