What We Are About: in Brief

Let’s Start with a Poem That Conveys the Heart of Our Efforts Quiet Well!


We Are Earth


An Appeal from The Collective to Itself


*Photo Credit: Jose Murrilo on Unplash

WE are Earth, and Our Garden does not seem well.

Eden cries out, that it is not hidden,

Nor lost.

Eden wants to be seen under Our feet, felt in Our blackening lungs,

In the unnatural grit in Our teeth when we drink,

And in other deep places, Of which,

We do not speak.

Whether YOU see, or sense is irrelevant. Once OUR Collective Self first knew its own mortality,

Our absolute lack of ability, to save, or ever after answer why would our Creator make,

Such beauty, only to annihilate, Our Earth, Our Garden,

Our Blue sky?

In fathomless sadness, We refused the Knowledge of Ourselves, within ANY Garden,

Choosing to live within the waterfall of every single tear, from every eye falling,

In each, and all,

And any coming year.`

We must release Our Fear.

The requirement of Life, is its Death, Yet that does not mean we should part early,

If We stop what The Fear shall never mend, and in Love Born in One again,

Will All grow strong, As Love Borne by All, Once again,

Yes, again.

Let Us continue with the only Eden we will ever have, and have ever known,

From the start of the Big Round Bang, till the flat Ultra Vanta Black,

Freezes even the thought of Heat, and all Memory of Water,

Or Ground.

This is the moment, we must choose, to WAKE UP!

Else lie Forever having not chosen, in Our self-made prisons frozen,


In eternal terror found.

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Respectfully, humbly submitted by,

Adrian P.Y. Blumberg,

Pilgrim | Trail Finder | Listener | Once Broken | Son of The Man | Prodigal Son | Twice Lost | Almost Found

The Crux

An N.F.T., “choose-your-own-adventure” narrative for comics, cartoons, and feature film, based on Plato’s allegory of the Cave. An opportunity for people the world over to suggest characters, plot endings or twists, and be a part of the collective story of us. If we cannot understand how we got here, how can we inform our future of where we are going other than extinction through those who preceded us?

The E.S.C. Hatch U.

 — the previously mentioned traveling workshops


Anthro-Centric Gauge and Potential Evaluator: a means by which those human engagements or transactions that we want to see more of may be rewarded with value using the blockchain and N.F.T.’s.


Here, in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay Area, is an E.S.C. Hatch, right in San Leandro, CA, where you can Shelter in Play. A part of our Building Autonomous Collaborative Organizational Networks (B.A.C.O.N.) Initiative. The E.S.C. Hatch is a safe space, free of the self-delusions and collective illusions that abound. Our political stance informs us that we are humans who all share the same subjective destination, The Final Exit, where the absolute uncertainty of anything outside of our collective journey is the one thing we can be certain of, guaranteed!
The Esprit Service Corps is an open-source project that is, thus far, made up of myself, my partner Sabrina Siebert, and a couple of genuine friends who share their knowledge. We choose to Shelter in Play, betting that how we interact with others while learning to accept ourselves right now is the most truly complete frontier we can, all of us, explore to our heart’s content! Each of us is working on many projects that seek to excite, encourage, educate, and explore our modern social spaces.
Our “regio-nice” E.S.C. Hatch “University” will be both a remote and in-person portable workshop skills platform that we see as a resource whereby those knowledge-full folks across the vast Social Spaces of the planet can hold weekend and day workshops to share their knowledge and skills with those that have a passion for learning. Whether it is mechanics, art, animation, carpentry, flint knapping, storytelling, or cat herding, we have a platform where you can be the Hero of Your Own Life’s Journey through the many, small, and repeated kindnesses we show each other. It is those small dailies and weekly engagements that we plan to find ourselves where we have gathered around, marveling at just how those “trivial things” added up over our time together to equal the perfect hero, YOU!
We are a fledgling Corps, who knows what exact configuration we will grow into. It will get repetitive with us alone. You, you can jazz things up for us! Maybe it is a decentralized musicians corps, or decentralized hippie corps, or maybe a crazy DIY gypyu type corps? Who knows! You can’t find out if you aren’t at least tracking developments! You can at least start to track them by subscribin


Let’s not sacrifice our collective future on the grave of our collective past in the present. Instead, let’s allow each other the opportunities to experience and know that what happens to one of us affects all of us.

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