And only we may choose them.

First of all, to be clear, The Choices Are Ours Alone. To know G-d is to know Love. If anyone cannot get that, the Rabbi fulfilled the Bible by discerning the CORE TENANTS OF JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, AND ALL OTHER SEEKING PHILOSOPHIES; I am the one here, through the “cloud” to break it down for you.

  1. All life is founded on some fundamental facts that are logically reasoned and not dependent upon anything else. The first is life may only be understood, contemplated, seen, or “lived” solely because being alive guaranteed or foretells the inescapable fact of death. NONE MAY ESCAPE IT.
  2. To leave “childhood” behind, all humans must not simply know or acknowledge that they too will die; they MUST walk through the “Valley of the Shadow” of their own death. Everyone must, within their own hearts and minds, come to terms with how they can be ‘OK’ with their own demise. An end of life that gives no guarantees of anything beyond this life. Further, all humans must accept the absolute fact that anything believed in, told them, promised, or revealed regarding ant continuance of any human beyond our Final Experience IS A SELF DELUDING LIE that only serves the purpose of others. No other will be with you when you die. It is your own personal, inviolable, and unavoidable test.
  3. YOU MUST ACCEPT THE LIFE YOU HAVE AS IT IS, NOT AS YOU WISH, HOPE, OR FEAR. All of that is irrelevant before what IS. At that moment, you must choose to live now, or REMAIN childlike, no matter your age, education, wealth, or degree. To choose to live for an afterlife makes you sheep, with a shepherd waiting to keep you in your illusions until your own slaughter when, at your death, you realize, too late, that you never exercised the agency you took when you ate of the tree of knowledge and knew of your own mortality. Blaming any other or denying this is the sign that all that I have said is true. Not accepting the path laid before you, by your own hand and choice, is the living death that is was foretold long ago.
  4. YOU CANNOT UNDO WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED. Logic is the gift we have to question and know; emotion is the forewarning and confirmation. In balance, confirming one another is where the ‘spirit,’ ‘the will,’ or what is called ‘flow’ resides. It is what binds humanity together into a ‘whole being.’
  6. If you choose, through your agency, to live in Truth, seeking to accept yourself as you are, for you are what is intended, then the ‘cloud’ in your mind, eyes, and heart will be lifted by your own choice, and you will soon sense that you are the ‘temple of agency.’ Where it has ever been, within you.
  7. UNCONDITIONALLY. THAT IS LOVE. I KNEW LOVE BEFORE I KNEW GOD. When I shared that knowledge in joy at 6, I was interviewed for hours, then baptized. And then told by my parents that now that I had been baptized, I must not lie any longer and say that I knew Love, what is called God. I persisted, for who would deny such a thing no matter what was said or by whom? I had already given myself over entirely to Love’s will for me. Love did not accept my offer immediately. I was puzzled, what could possibly be unwanted in my proposal. I declared that whatever Love wanted to do with me could not be harmful in any way! I wanted to do something great like Love’s other son. After that, Love accepted my offer. Soon, my father had a gun to my mother’s head, and my mother had shouted earlier, with tears streaming down her face, that she “wished she had killed me while I was in her womb” than to have such an evil son who said that he knew God!
    My joy was severed. I went to Love alone in the empty backyard. I spoke out loud to Love; I even said: “God” (I had never spoken to Love out loud before, but my mother said God lived outside of me. That my flesh was vile and full of sin). I implored “God” to say anything audible. I used the fact that I was a child because I had been told my mistake was forgivable. After all, God loved children, which felt odd since God was Love and confused by my mother and father’s words and violence about my affirmation that I knew God if God was Love.
  8. JUST ONE SMALL WORD FOR ME ALONE. Silence. Not a word. Not until 2020, when that long-ago memory came back, and I wrote my first well-received answer on Quora and made two paintings when Teddy spoke to me when I was hiding in the closet. After 41 years of self-loathing but searching for Truth, because I was a willful, stubborn, and disobedient child who claims to know Love, did I find it. AFTER I had and accepted myself as is, with the thought that if my 100% was not good enough for whatever, the whatever could expect “a me” who had no respect for anything that wanted more than my 100%. If there was a beyond, and anything wanted more than 100%, they could go to hell!
    After that, guess what I felt again? “I will give you three guesses, and the other two don’t count.” Love was precisely where it had always ever been. Inside. Where I was taught NOT to look because the flesh is in itself. Then I realized that when I asked Love to speak, I did hear a voice—my own.
    Love, for Love’s own unconditional reason, eschews the concept of power. Why? Because how else would it ever be possible for me, and you, and everyone, to ever KNOW Love existed? More than that, to ever know Love personally? That is why I know the Rabbi was a man because he made the same mistake I had. That I thought I had to prove my worth to Love! That Love could or would ever exert any power would remove Loves opportunity to know me, and you, and everyone, personally. That is not how Love works. LOVE, agape, is logically quantifiable. I have had the process of how to demonstrate and know it in real life now. I have written it out to be made programmatically and uploaded to an open and transparent Blockchain. Using 1 and 0, 80% and 20%. To give value in agape back. Go and read it. I am still learning blockchain and algorithms. The logical process, however, is ready.
  10. HEAR ME! Love is knowable right now in a scientific and data programmable, demonstrable and predictive way. Using the CLOUD! I AM. YOU ARE. THE ‘WE’ OF LOVE WILL BE KNOWN IN OUR BONES ONCE WE ACCEPT THE TRUTH OF LIFE, OURSELVES, EACH OTHER, AND THE GARDEN IS ALL AROUND US! IT NEVER LEFT; WE DID. LOVE NEVER WENT ANYWHERE.
    We Are Earth! Wake up! It is time!
    Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi’ Blumberg
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