There is Sex in Your Violence

The effect on me reading the article by Jonathan Ponetti, The Case That Jesus Was Raped, has been profound. He, in turn, was reviewing a book by David Tombs, “When Did We See You Naked,” which explores some brutal truth regarding the crucifixion and sexual assault within the Bible. They both taught me that sexual pleasure might be derived from horrific devastation. This knowledge is a “harsh topping” to ice my “Acceptance Cake.” In short, there is sex in your violence.

Thank you.

I suppose I should love that I hate what has occurred to my mind and sensibilities within this article. My middle name is “Paschal.” A Germanized form of the Hebrew word “Pesach” refers to the unblemished, young lamb through no fault of its own, sacrificed, yet not consumed, to please the Hebrew deity. It is a generational name in my family. Someone has been “stuck with it” for centuries.

 My most recent deep research attempt to discover the origin of its grafting into my mother’s side of the family has yet to produce a successful route to follow to a source. My grandfather, a 33rd degree Freemason, once mayor of Odessa, TX, and WWII hero pilot who flew over North Africa, was Alfred Paschal Brown. My name is Adrian Paschal Blumberg. My middle son, Aidan Paschal Blumberg

The “Paschal Lamb,” a term applied to the created image named Jesus the Christ, obscures and confuses the story of the historical Rabbi Yasua (or Yahashua if you were a Galilean of that period) ben Yoseph, a Jewish rabbi, a would-be reformer of the Jewish religion. Many a Catholic pope, throughout the ages, pinned the cornerstone of Catholic belief upon “The Paschal Mystery,” a topic of Ecumenical Thesis in the 1960s. Paschal is also the name I rejected in 8th grade, on my first day in public schools, having spent all of my schooling days within the Academy of Christian Educators (or A.C.E.) educational system. During attendance check, they called out “Adrian,” the name Paschal identified by me as a possible source of persecution since my earliest memory. I answered,” Present,” rather than correct the teacher, as I had always done in all of the years before. 

For a time, the persecutions diminished, then subsided completely. They resumed while serving in the United States Marine Corps, interestingly, while I had accidentally been identified on my “dog tags” upon arrival at boot camp as Jewish. Rather than correct it, I began attending Seder, Shabbat and living as a Jew. Mind you, and I am not a Jew. Your mother had to be Jewish at birth, or one must convert, which I never did. My honorable discharge from the Marines due to the malpractice of a Naval surgeon just before I was to complete, in total, my acceptance into the NROTC program as an enlisted man. The program would have sent me to college, made me a Marine officer if I had not had surgery. The public’s false perceptions regarding the source of my injury directly facilitated my platoon’s attempt to “scrape off my face with an industrial steam cleaner.” This misunderstanding arose because they had come to believe I was falsely reporting damage that had not occurred, despite the irrefutable proof that a Naval officer, while” digging around in my neck,” damaged some nerves. That was my last day in the active-duty roster of the Marine Corps, Sep 9th, 1994.

What they could not have known of was my previous physical abuse suffered at the hands of my mother, mainly in the bath, which included almost drowning me innumerable times (by holding my head underwater), waterboarding (forcing my face into down flowing water, with both super cold & scalding hot water), punching, and slapping. I was acutely terrified of “bath time.” The purple and blue bruises covering the parts under my clothes led the other kids to ostracize me from the first gym class to my last in 7th grade. School teachers had long ago accepted explanations for “constant shedding of hair” as genetic, rather than resulting from being dragged, by my hair, up and down stairs or around the house. Kids would, unaccountable (from my perspective), pounce on me in groups and commence beating the hell out of me. For a long time, I was the undisputed fastest runner of my peers and became the undisputed champion if holding my breath at all pools and beaches until I took up smoking in earnest after the Corps. My speed title was taken from me by an always whispering Vietnamese refuge named Quiong in school. I had known the only Asiatic person in West Texas until I began dating Sabrina after moving to the East Bay of San Francisco.

In 2020, I finally discover the unifying Truth of Human Life after unaccountable persecutions had put me in a unique position. The last iterations of persecution began with direct targeting by California employers, ironically, for performing the job of Safety Expert too well. My assertion is not an unfounded claim; it was said by my supervisors directly, just before my last firing. Litigated, and under the advisement of my attorney’s, settled, contingent that all of the settlement requirements were fulfilled. Unfortunately, they were not, since my attorneys, knowing my financial situation, double charged me on purpose. Despite proving the point of the extra charges, I was threatened with further litigation by Matern Law attorney Josh if I continued with the claim to be released from having to keep a non-disclosure agreement contingent upon fulfillment of the settlement terms. To be clear, I had never been fired or laid off before moving here in December 2014, with my first ever lay-off occurring on Sep 9th, 2015. This event coincided with ostracization from “leadership roles and engagement” in the “Burner Community” for my attempt to hold my “Burner Community Leaders” to account for their violations of community trust. (which might not have occurred if not for my strict code of honor gained from my Christin, Marine, and West Texan experiences. I have since discovered and placed myself within the roughly 5% of humans who adhere to a moral and ethical code in reality.

From 2010 until 2017, I had been the kind of volunteer in the “Burner Community” who would put in 30 to 40 hrs of free work because I believed in “community building.” Because of all this, I found Truth. Yet, no one wants it. Why would anyone want the Truth? Once they have discerned the core motivations behind humanity, how can anyone have the fog cleared and even can see that we humans communicate precisely where we are at, what we want, or need, and where we want to go at all times every day? And I am not talking about mind reading or anything supernatural. I am talking about the body positioning of people, the small facial expressions; in fact, the entirety of body movement communicates more than that word. The words become the cake icing or deception machine. All of it depends upon whether or not you have the ” rosetta stone” to decode human communications. That “Rosetta Stone” starts with knowing Truth, then accepting it whole. Then getting yourself entirely, as a whole human, who is still only a part of a larger collective whole, and that Collective is only, at most, 70% of the more significant Being that had its agency. To grasp this, look up current research into the Human Microbiome. We, ourselves, are only about 30% made up of parts that can be claimed as “uniquely us.” Physics dictates that that uniqueness then means that each thing is absolutely, uniquely perfect. So humanity is approaching its collective apotheosis of whether or not what makes us different from other earthly animals is whether or not we can accept that what makes us different from them also is natural and normal, and OK or not. If OK, then we have a chance to mold our heaven on earth. If not, then we will focus on what is true within this article, make our collective hell, and never again have an opportunity for communal heaven. 

Why? Because one path allows us to retain our childlike curiosity and ability to love ourselves and others clearly and thoroughly. The other is an obsession to know more coupled with a refusal to accept what we see and know already, a refusal to accept what is from a self-loathing disgust and lust and use of the power that comes from First Knowledge and Exclusive knowledge. So what do we want to be, unique? A part of everything special? Exclusive and predatorily raping each other for as long as we can tolerate vaulting others ahead of us all? Should we then trust they will do the right thing with the rest of us once they know what I, and now those of you reading this know?

You decide.

The choice is now. Once those at the top discover that I have, and I am giving out the Key, the ” Rosetta Stone,” they will move to isolate or otherwise silence me, and who can blame them? But I cannot do anything else. It is how I am.

I will know the decision soon enough.


Adrian Paschal ‘Yobi’ Blumberg

Pilgrim-on-Point for the Human Collective

Reporting, As Ordered



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