Been working/learning on a self-designed mural at the front of the E.S.C. Hatch at YobiWorks Studios LLC. It is a play on the Logo. 3 of them from left to the right going from Larger to Smaller. I am calling it the 3 Ring E.S.C. Hatch. The 1st is water and represents the first of the Esprit Service Corps Tennants. The water represents the flood of information life throws at us, which is significantly amplified by the wealth and power addicts, commonly referred to as ‘elites,’ to keep as many people in a state of outrage for easier manipulation. 2-Agency is represented by the light flashes of prisms indicating discernment of self-delusions and collective illusions that are seen once one accepts themselves and the world around them ‘as it’.3-Agora-The ancient Greek Agora was much more inclusive than the later used Roman ‘Forum’. The Agora was a city center where folks would discuss athletic, artistic, business, social, spiritual, and political life. The Forum was for a specific subject matter or only regarding politics or business. The ESC Hatch engagement is much more broadly open, transparently welcoming, and a place for Questions first and answers later.

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