Foundations, Safety, And Processes




“Strategy? We don’t need no stinkin’ strategy!”

Actually, this is true. I spent 41 years searching for basic human truth. As an operational and logistics man, that means I was searching for a ‘corner’, or ‘foundation’ stone of operational life basics to operate from by default. Something to build upon and that would stand the test of time. Unfortunately, repeating history, like personal experience & history, reflects those Human Collective Life Lessons that have yet to be understood, accepted, and then could be considered ‘learned’. As an example, ever have the same type of thing, scenario, or situation recur continually? Perhaps. Those of us that learn the lesson inherent in the repeated occurrence can attest to the fact that they end once the lesson is learned!

Is this some spiritual insight? Maybe, yet regardless of the potential supernatural influences, the dynamic logically remains. Don’t take my or anyone’s word for it, try it out yourself on something small that occurs in your life. Maybe there is something in the process of your daily mornings that, if you are not on top of it, will lead to a result that is not beneficial for you. I used to have to surround my alarm clock with books on end, so as they fell off the side table as I was unconsciously attempting to silence the alarm and guarantee that I got to work late, I would wake up at the sound of the books hitting the floor. This is a process pattern that can be found throughout Nature. They match for reasons we know, or don’t. The basics, at the very least, should be figured out by humanity, if we individually, and collectively, are to have a hope of surviving the next 100 years and longer.

Streamlining and refining operational process should never be taken personally. Why? Simple. Ultimately, it is a SAFETY FIRST lifestyle. Did I lose ya right there? No trick. Understand that why airline cabin crew instruct passengers to put an oxygen mask on their own face first rather than on their children’s isn’t because they have a Machiavellian world view, it is because the human instinct is to protect one’s own child first, but if you die in the process, what is the child supposed to do next? It is plain safety common sense. Ensure you aren’t about to die the death of the blissfully unaware prior to pointing out how someone else is blissfully unaware!

Learn to be safe internally, prior to externally expending energy that you need to be safe, yourself, to begin with!


Spark Better Engagement

Ever see the film, ‘The Naked Gun”? Like “Airplane”, your first kiss, Burning Man, or losing your virginity, you can only experience the first time one time only.

All sorts of theories, even religions abound from misunderstanding the “why’ that it is important to not waste the experience, or as some might say, “throw your pearls before swine”.

If ANYONE had taken the time to explain to me that I would IMPRINT, exactly like a duckling, onto the first person I chose, allowed, or fell in love with, I absolutely would have hung onto my virginity longer than 16 years. That imprinting was a lifelong source of misunderstood difficulty and grief.

Why didn’t anyone tell me? Several reasons: They likely didn’t know themselves because “fake it till you make it” is a regrettable life strategy for many. Another easily could be this quaint notion of ‘privacy’. From what we are told, for much of human history, folks lived in hunter gatherer groups. So long, in point of fact, it had been the most successful, and wildly sustainable lifestyle humans had devised. If you don’t know much about them, I encourage you to read up on them in National Geographic or anthropological articles. The notion of ‘privacy’ was, and is to the surviving groups, far different from yours or mine. Not much different than in a small town. Everybody knows everybody’s ‘business’, and even some fictional history. We are hardwired for it. Since when did ‘modernity’ means suddenly eschewing our own natural best practices and habits?

We believe that accepting simple truths enables one to engage authentically, without the false notions of ‘marketing’ or ‘advertising’. For example, customer service isn’t even a thing if the one in the role is truly curious about people and their stories… if they have empathy and compassion, and can listen. The manufacture of ‘authentic-seeming’ engagement is customer service. The ‘authentic-seeming’ care for one another is ‘marketing’, and ‘analytics’ of data is the authentic-seeming preplanned engagement whose mission is not you, but the dollars in your pocket. Now they have JUST the data they needed to do it, in ways most aren’t even aware of: the cynical manipulation of engagements over the web. It is dastardly.

Do I use analytics? Yes, just barely, and I do not pay for it. Why? Because I want to understand what lands best with YOU, and what I do that chases you away! Once I understand the basics I see in the mirror of that tool, which I will inform you of every step of the way, I will have no need for them. Plus, it teaches me exactly how these tools are used on us, both good and bad. As an example, if my question is, “why do people leave when I arrive”, I would prefer to not have to purposely fart in those crowds, then assess if the “bounce rate is exactly similar, kinda similar, or an exact match”. Some things one prefers to know up front, and to be respectful of others’ nostrils!


Seize Your Moment

This implies there is a ‘moment’ which can be missed. I and we should never hold to this at all. You are uniquely perfect and will do things exactly when you should as long as it is safe. *broader dives into this to come soon*


Bold Solutions

Not ‘bold’, just solutions that will work. *broader dives into this to come soon*


Dedicated to Quality

This implies that others are not. I cannot speak for others; their actions do that for them. I strive to do my best. Hopefully, you find this is the best practice for you as well! *broader dives into this to come soon*


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