The A in YobiWorks, Wait, What?!

Is something supposed to, wait, why are the words appearing on the screen? Why is it typing everything I am saying? I am serious! Look! See for yourself! I think it might be possessed or something, I am going to restart the computer. Right now of co-

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The A in YobiWorks, Wait, What?:

Hi there! I’m an Adrian by day and night and sometimes I am a Yobi when I create. Born in Odessa, TX, in 1972. Suprising many experts, pundits, parents, siblings, children, pastors, casual observers, stalky observers, potential deities, Burning Man HQ, ex-wives, imaginary demons, devils, and ghosts, and with more than a few others who responded, “What?! Who are you? Why do you want to touch my Yobi? Not touch your Yobi, G0bi Bar you said? I am confused. Your scaring me a bit”, Adrian still lives on 5/20/2021, although he is looking a bit rough, his family has ostracized hi-, no scratch that, Adrian says that he has moved on from unecessary ego builds, get on with it, get on with it! What the hell ARE you doing? Are you typing what I am saying onto the Page? You crazy son of a …


Gun! Thank you so much! Welcome to the E.S.C. Hatch! Pardon any mess or organization or functionality options. I will be fleshing it all out as I read the instructions for each thing and are able to build if correctly. Thank you for your patience! Reach out anytime with questions!

…or something like this: Wait, What?

YobiWorks, then YobiWorks Studios started unofficially on Sep 9th, 2015. Officially I begans using is as a dba, to begin taking on freelance work as an artidt and consultant in May of 2019. YobiWorks Studios LLC started officially on May 1st, May Day, 2021, and had a launch event at Marina Park in San Leandro, CA from 930pm till 8pm. We worked on The E.S.C. Hatch U. configuration,. Sabrina Siebert, Jeremy Siri, an Julia were in attendance. Two Mormon missionaries pitched in to help close the Hatch U. down.

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